The National Computer Security Association (NCSA) provides security, reliability, and ethics information and services as well as security-related information on training, testing, research, product certification, Help desk, and consulting services. The NCSA delivers information through a variety of media, in both traditional and electronic formats, including a Web site and several CompuServe forums which host private on-line training and seminars addressing information- and communications-security issues. The NCSA also hosts industry consortia including the Anti-Virus Product Developers and the Internet Firewall Product Developers Consortia. As both a member-oriented organization--with more than 30,000 members--and a service company, its scope is global, and it has conferences, training, members, experts, vendors, and product developers in countries on all continents.

Contact Info
NCSA: Phone: 717-258-1816, Web:, CompuServe: GO NCSA
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