Multibooting Windows 2000 Systems - 26 Jun 2000

You're probably just taking the shrink-wrap off your new copy of Windows 2000 (Win2K) and wondering how Win2K will integrate into your existing system configuration. If you've configured multiboot systems with Windows NT 4.0 in the past, you might want to know how Win2K differs from NT in terms of installation requirements, options, and potential pitfalls, and whether Win2K can be a well-behaved member of a multi-OS system.

In "Mastering Multibooting Madness," July 1999, Sean Daily shared tips and techniques for managing multi-OS multiboot environments on NT 4.0-centric systems. However, multiboot configurations that involve Win2K and NT or Windows 98 (both first and second editions) present new challenges and obstacles, which you can avoid by preparing your system and knowing what to expect.

For the whole story, read Sean Daily's Multibooting Windows 2000 Systems.

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