MTS Security

By default, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) lets any user who can log on to an MTS machine modify objects in the MTS hierarchy pane. However, to make your system secure, you need to give administrative permissions for the MTS Explorer only to users who need those permissions.

When you install MTS, the software creates a System package that represents the MTS Explorer's administrative features. The System package includes two default roles: the Administrator and Reader roles. Administering a role is similar to administering a Windows NT group. You can add users to the role and assign rights to the role. All members of a role have the rights you give the role. Users in the Administrator role have full access to the MTS Explorer. Users in the Reader role have read-only access and cannot add, delete, or modify objects in the MTS hierarchy pane.

Configuring MTS to use the System package to control access to the MTS features (i.e., enabling administrative security) requires several steps. First, use the NT User Manager for Domains to add to your NT domain the NT user to whom you want to give MTS Administrator rights. In the MTS hierarchy pane, select the My Computer icon. Then open the System package in the Packages Installed folder, Roles, and the Administrator role, as Screen A shows. Select the Users folder in the Administrator role. Right-click the Users folder; select New, User from the shortcut menu. Use the dialog box that appears to add users and groups to the Administrator role.

Next, select the System package. Right-click the System package, and select Properties from the shortcut menu. Select the Identity tab, and click This User to tell MTS that you want the System package to run under the account of a specific NT user. Select a user who is a member of the Administrator role, and enter the username and the password twice (for verification). On the Security tab, select the Enable Authorization check box. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box. When MTS asks to confirm your selection, click Yes.

Finally, select the My Computer icon. Right-click the My Computer icon and select Shut Down Server Processes. This selection causes the process in which the System package executes to shut down and restart with the new security information.

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