MS Media License Mgr DoS

MS Media License Manager DoS
Reported March 17, 2000 by
Ranjiv Sharma

  • Microsoft Media License Manager
  • Microsoft Windows Media Technologies 4.0 and 4.1

    According to Microsoft"s report on the matter, "Windows Media License Manager is part of Windows Media Rights Manager, a component of Windows Media Technologies that enables content providers to distribute copyrighted digital media in encrypted form. When Windows Media Player opens protected digital media, it contacts the provider"s server, presents the user"s license request information, and obtains a license that allows it to play the media. However, a specially-malformed license request can cause License Manager to halt, thereby preventing legitimate subscribers from obtaining a license for the same or other content hosted at this site.

    The vulnerability does not in any way compromise the protection provided by the encryption or prevent offline playing of content that the user has already licensed. The server can be put back into normal operation by restarting the License Manager.


    Microsoft has issued a patch, a FAQ, and Support Online article Q257200

    Discovered and reported by
    Ranjiv Sharma

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