Microsoft Tweaks Simplified Servicing Packages for Older Versions of Windows

Microsoft Tweaks Simplified Servicing Packages for Older Versions of Windows

Over the last several months Microsoft has been delivering updates to older version of Windows using a new approach which they call Simplified Servicing.

It is very similar to how Microsoft issues cumulative updates for Windows 10 that build upon the previous months release/updates and only requires one cycle of updates to have a device fully updated. This works so much better than having to download every individual security and system patch since the last Service Pack was issued for the operating system.

They are becoming so aligned with the Windows as a Service model used for Windows 10 that they even recently announced their plans to consolidate all update related information into a single update page for these older versions of Windows.

Since this is a continuous process of improvement, the System Center: Configuration Manager team has announced a new change in this update process to help streamline the updates.

According to Microsoft's Yvette OMeally, this latest change will remove the updates for Internet Explorer from the Security Only Quality Update package and will result in a significant decrease in the package download size.

In order to get the security and other updates for IE, SCCM admins will now need to deploy the Cumulative Security Update for IE to remain secure.

More information is available on this update at the SCCM blog on TechNet.


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