Microsoft Releases 3092627 to Fix App Freezes Caused by MS15-084

Microsoft Releases 3092627 to Fix App Freezes Caused by MS15-084

A security update (MS15-084) released last month as part of Microsoft's regular monthly patching cycle was reported to cause freezing issues with a number of applications. The update was targeted at all supported versions of Windows and sought to bolster security for Windows XML core services.

After the update was available and installations began, customers soon recognized that certain applications would either freeze or simply not work. One of those applications was Microsoft's own Forefront Endpoint Protection, but the most concerning was Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition from Symantec. Imagine a security update that hampers actual computer security. Go figure.

Late last month, Microsoft provided a manual fix with 3090303. However, news about this fix was not widely publicized so many affected by the app freezes were not aware. And, of course, being a manual fix meant customers needed to locate the KB page, download the patch, and then test and deploy throughout the organization.

Late yesterday, Microsoft made available a fix that, this time, is being delivered through Windows Update. The fix is intended to provide a fix for the known applications and potentially those that Microsoft isn't aware of.

The company is careful to explain that…

If security update 3076895 is installed on a Windows 7-based or Windows Server 2008 R2-based computer, install update 3092627.

If update 3090303 is installed, customers already have the fix for the issue. Therefore, they don't have to install update 3092627. Update 3092627 is a broader GDR release of the fix in update 3090303.

So, if you were an astute patching person and stumbled upon 3090303, you have the fix already in place. But, if you had no idea about the earlier fix and are experiencing app freezes and or failures, take the time to test and deploy 3092627.

Full KB article is here: September 2015 update to fix Windows or application freezes after you install security update 3076895

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