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Microsoft PFE Educates on Why Microsoft Broke GPOs Last Month

Microsoft PFE Educates on Why Microsoft Broke GPOs Last Month

To catch you up quickly, Microsoft delivered an update in June 2016 that essentially broke Group Policy for many organizations. Read through these:

Patch Tuesday: Security Update for Group Policy Breaks Group Policy

Update on KB3163622 That Breaks Group Policy: It’s Not Me, It’s You

According to the updated (second one in the list) Microsoft states that the problem arose due to how some companies chose to implement Group Policy security. The June update was intended to close security loops, but many organizations suffered because of it.

A Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, Sean Greenbaum, must have been feeling the heat from customers, so he’s taken to the PFE blog to offer some education around the changes as well as some guidance on how to deploy this update without too much pain and how to fix the problem delivered in the update.

Apply titled, Who broke my user GPOs?, Sean delivers what should’ve been delivered long before the planned update in an effort to give customers a heads-up.

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