Microsoft Delivering 9 Security Updates for October Patch Tuesday, 3 Critical

Microsoft Delivering 9 Security Updates for October Patch Tuesday, 3 Critical

It's never great when prepping for the weekend means prepping for a security patch rollout at the beginning of the following work week, but so it is.

On Tuesday, October 14, Microsoft will rollout 9 new security updates affecting all supported versions of Windows client and Windows Server, Internet Explorer, the .NET Framework, Developers Tools (ASP.NET), and various Microsoft Office packages (SharePoint, Web Apps, Mac, and 2007-2010 for Windows PCs).

Incidentally, this will be the first Patch Tuesday on record with the Trustworthy Computing Group (TWG) disbanded. Last month, Microsoft announced the shuttering of the group as part of the latest round of layoffs. I'm sure this month's patches still have a TWG stamp on them, but it will still be interesting to watch as the patches are delivered, scrutinized, and rolled out. It'll be most interesting to see if this month's updates can deliver without problems, considering Microsoft has been hammered with complaints consistently over the past many months for patches that break more than they fix. The culling of TWG is meant to improve update practices, but I'm sure it will take a while for any significant changes to be realized. By all accounts, TWG invented Patch Tuesday.

The full notification for October 2014 is here: Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for October 2014

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