Microsoft Bulletin Webcasts Discontinued, Other Patching Collateral

Microsoft Bulletin Webcasts Discontinued, Other Patching Collateral

Unofficial sources indicate that the webcast that Microsoft has put on monthly for years has been discontinued. The webcast was a staple for many patching admins that wanted extra knowledge around Microsoft's monthly updates.

The webcast was an informal video presentation that went into greater detail about the vulnerabilities being patched, as well as potential gotchas during deployment.

Some have already suggested that the webcast was discontinued due to low attendance numbers. But, if last month was a contributing factor of popularity for the event, Microsoft actually posted the wrong link. Even for those that didn't attend on a regular basis, many more read through the Q&A collected during the webcast that was posted later on.

Additionally, the overview video and deployment priority information is missing from this month's updates communications.

Dustin Childs was once part of the webcast production and has voiced his disappointment in the demise of several pieces he felt important.

Dustin moved on to another job at Microsoft in September and is now the Sr. Technical Evangelist for Cybersecurity. You might remember, that Microsoft shuttered its Trustworthy Computing Group in September, which coincides with Dustin's job change and could be an impacting force behind the cancellation of the monthly webcast since the video was branded as a Trustworthy Computing Group production.

I've reached out to Microsoft to get confirmation and will let you know what I find out.


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