Microsoft Articles Cover Transferring Logins with DTS and a Stored Procedure Bug

Microsoft has posted two new Knowledge Base articles for SQL Server: one that explains how to transfer logins and passwords between SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 7.0 servers and one that provides workarounds for a SQL Server 2000 bug that might cause stored procedures to retain a variable value between executions. The DTS article, "INF: Transfer Logins and Passwords Between SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000 Servers," is available at and explains that the Data Transformation Services (DTS) Object Transfer feature transfers logins and users between two servers, but it doesn't transfer passwords for SQL Server authenticated logins. The article states that "the simplest way to transfer all login information intact is to restore a backup of the source server's master database on the destination server." If you can't, you can use the two stored procedures that this Microsoft article describes to generate a script that recreates logins and retains the current passwords. The second article, "BUG: Stored Procedures May Retain Variable Value Between Executions," is available at and provides workarounds for a SQL Server 2000 stored procedure bug. The article says that in a stored procedure that accepts parameters, if one of the parameters defaults to the value of another parameter, the parameter that defaults to the other value might retain its value from the previous execution of the stored procedure instead of being reset to the default. One of the workarounds is to supply values for all parameters.

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