Message Analyzer 1.1 Releases with Mass Improvements

Message Analyzer 1.1 Releases with Mass Improvements

Now entering its 1.1 revision, Message Analyzer is an app for administrator’s, allowing capturing, tracing, and analyzing of protocol messaging traffic. If you’ve been in IT for long, you might remember something similar back in the day called NetMon. Those truly geeky admin’s used NetMon quite a bit to detect network traffic spikes and problems, and to also identify potential network intrusions. Message Analyzer is just like NetMon, but a much improved and more modern tool.

The latest version has now been released and contains a LOT of new features and enhancements, i.e., Microsoft has been working hard on it.

Here’s what’s new and improved:

  • Improved performance
  • More Built-in Assets
  • Multiple Remote Capture
  • New Session Workflow
  • TLS/SSL Decryption
  • Aliases
  • Time Improvement
  • Sequence Expression Updates
  • Updated Parsers
  • Updated Call Stack
  • ResponseTime

In addition to these updates, Microsoft has also added some not-for-primetime features for administrator’s to play with and provide feedback.

The update doesn’t require you to uninstall the previous version. It will upgrade the version you have already in place.

You can download the updated tool here: Microsoft Message Analyzer 1.1

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