Media Pirates Getting A Free Ride From Amazon?

According to a report by Reuters, the Adobe video streaming server software used Amazon isn't completely protecting video content from being captured and recorded.

Apparently by using Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies people can record to disk whatever they want.

According to the report, "'s Adobe-powered Video On Demand service allows viewers to watch the first two minutes of a movie or TV show for free. It charges up to $3.99 to rent a movie for 24 hours and up to $14.99 to download a movie permanently.

Amazon starts to stream the entire movie during the free preview -- even though it pauses the video on the Web browser after the first two minutes -- so that users can start watching the rest of the video right away once they pa \[...\] However, even if a user doesn't pay, the stream still sends the movie to the video catching software, but not the browser.

Therein resides the problem. Reuters quotes Applian CEO Bill Dettering as saying "Adobe's (stream) is not really encrypted. One of the downfalls with how they have architected the software is that people can capture the streams. I fully expect them to do something more robust in the near future."

I bet the MPAA is in a tizzy over that.

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