Is that Malware in Your Pocket, or are you just…?

Is that Malware in Your Pocket, or are you just…?

A recent report released by Juniper Research suggests that 80% of smartphones are running without any type of malware protection. I have to admit that even I don't have antimalware software running on my smartphone, but I'm now thinking about it. Even though a high percentage (see the recent report) of business users are using their smartphones as primary devices to get work done, many are like me, not considering the impact of a mobile malware outbreak. With many more Android devices being activated each day over other handsets, this makes it particularly concerning. Android, of course, built on an open system, has been continually reported as the most unsecure platform for mobile devices.

As users continue to use smartphones for business, corporate IT needs to get a handle on mobile villainy. BYOD's proliferation makes the issue even worse, with IT now having to figure out how to ensure consumer-owned devices are secure enough to access the corporate network and not make the end-user unhappy or uncomfortable. This is just another case where concept has outpaced technology and IT is left trying to put the pieces together.

There's plenty of free security software available for mobile devices, but being free most times causes a bit of scrutiny. How can a free product bring about the best solution?

So, I'm curious. What is your company's policy on mobile antimalware software? Do you require smartphones to carry security software? Is this even something you've even considered as a threat?

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