Keeping Up With IIS - 27 Mar 2001

Microsoft Reports Erroneous Release of Verisign Certificates
Last week, Microsoft warned its customers that Verisign mistakenly issued two code-signing certificates to an unknown individual. The certificates would let someone sign code and make it appear as though Microsoft had officially signed it. (Users still have to inspect the certificate and agree to the installation.) Although Microsoft has already revoked the certificates, the company is working on a patch that will render the certificates completely useless. For more information, visit Microsoft's Web site.

Microsoft Releases Windows XP Beta 2
Microsoft has announced the general release of the second beta for Windows XP. This beta will be available to the MSDN Developer program, TechNet, and the technical beta program. The release also includes a look at Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and Windows Media Player 8 (WMP8). A 64-bit version that runs on the Itanium also will be available. You can register for the Windows XP preview program by visiting Microsoft's Web site.

Find out more about Windows XP Beta 2 on the Supersite for Windows.

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