KB2949927 Has Been Pulled

KB2949927 Has Been Pulled

UPDATE: Microsoft has now confirmed that the update has been pulled while they investigate the actual problems. The security advisory has been updated to reflect the action:

V2.0 (October 17, 2014): Removed Download Center links for Microsoft security update 2949927. Microsoft recommends that customers experiencing issues uninstall this update. Microsoft is investigating behavior associated with this update, and will update the advisory when more information becomes available.

Original text:

Yesterday, we reported that one of this month's security updates from Microsoft, KB2949927, would not install in some situations. As the day wore on, more customers chimed in, some even suggesting that the update forced them to recover servers using CD-Rom.

Read the full report here: KB2949927 Fails to Install if BitLocker is Disabled

Today, there are numerous customers reporting that it appears that KB2949927 is showing as "expired" in WSUS and other patching mechanisms. And, if you jump out to Microsoft's support page for the update, the download links have been removed.

In fact, all the download links in the original Microsoft Security Advisory lead to dead-ends – not existent pages.

So, it appears we have our first pulled update for October with Microsoft effectively asking for another do-over. This is just another in a string of monthly releases where Microsoft has released security patches but had to pull them just days later due to customer complaints and pains.

Microsoft has not issued a statement, nor updated the Security Advisory yet, but we'll let you know when it happens.

P.S. There are other updates reportedly causing issues this month, including KB2984972 (breaks App-V packages) and KB2995388 (causing issues with VMware workstation).


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