KB2949927 Fails to Install if BitLocker is Disabled

KB2949927 Fails to Install if BitLocker is Disabled

KB2949927 delivered in the stack of updates this month is reportedly having problems installing if BitLocker is disabled. The update is intended to add the SHA-2 hashing algorithm to the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. SHA-2 signing and verification has already been architected into Windows 8.x, Windows Server 2012.x and Windows RT.x, so the update brings the same security functionality to the other support operating systems.

In a growing thread on the Microsoft forums, users are complaining that the update fails to install and then reverts changes on the next boot. One individual has identified that the problem is caused when BitLocker has been disabled.

This issue, of course, comes on the heels of other reported problems already with this month's Microsoft updates. In addition to this issue, KB2984972 is breaking App-V packages and Wyse thin client displays, and KB2995388 is giving VMware Workstation customers fits. And, to add pain to misery, it appears, for some, the update is forcing recovery procedures.

Remember, this is the first month of updates after the disbanding of the Trustworthy Computing Group (TWG) last month as part of Microsoft's latest round of layoffs and organizational changes. To be fair, the reorganization that Microsoft is undertaking will take some time to settle. The hope is that Patch Tuesday pains will improve once the reshuffle is complete. With the growing number of customer complaints over this month's updates, it can't come too soon.

Stay safe out there, folks.


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