Kaspersky Anti-Virus Now Available in French, Spanish, German, and Italian

Kaspersky Labs, a data-security software-development company, today announced that its Kaspersky Anti-Virus suite is now available in French, Spanish, German, and Italian, and is available for purchase at the company's Web site as well as retail shops in Europe. According to native language statistics gathered by Kaspersky, approximately 300 million people speak Spanish, 110 million speak French, 100 million speak German, and 70 million speak Italian. Based on these figures, Kaspersky decided to adapt its software for those languages and serve those markets.

"Obviously, a user would prefer a program to be available in his native language. The localization of the latest Kaspersky Anti-Virus versions allow our customers to make working with our anti-virus product more comfortable and attract enquiry from different countries," said Kirill Buzukov, international distribution director at Kaspersky Labs. In addition to the new language versions, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is also available in English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, and Icelandic.

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