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JSI Tip 3635. All the encrypted files on my Windows 2000 computer are inaccessible, even by the EFS Recovery Agent?

If everyone, including the EFS Recovery Agent, is unable to access any encrypted files, you might have altered or deleted the NtfsEncryptionService value name, a string value containing the encryption service that the NTFS files system uses, at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem. The data value should be Efs, the Encrypting File System which is included with Windows 2000.

To encrypt a file or folder on an NTFS partition, use Windows Explorer to right-click the name of the object and press Properties. Use the Advanced button and check the Encrypt contents to secure data box.

You can also use the CIPHER command.

NOTES: If you intension was to disable EFS, see:

tip 2648 » How do I disable EFS on a stand-alone Windows 2000 computer?

tip 2649 » How do I disable EFS for all computers in a Windows 2000 domain?

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