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IT Security Trends Survey Report

Our survey of 382 IT and security pros reveals their top cybersecurity concerns, including which threats are most prevalent and damaging, factors that led to increased vulnerability and ways in which IT pros are combating today's advanced threats.

What IT security trends – and threats – are most prominent in the enterprise today? How vulnerable are IT shops? What types of breaches are they beset by? What tools are they using and which ones do they most wish they had? To learn the answers to those questions and many more, we fielded an IT security trends survey, querying 382 IT professionals from industries of all stripes and companies of all sizes.

Read on to learn the most important takeaways and drill down into the details of our research, which examines how the data has changed since the previous IT security trends survey, as well as the distinctions between respondents from big companies vs. those from small companies.

This IT Security Trends Survey Report investigates:

  • Respondents’ companies’ vulnerability levels
  • Top wish list items
  • Breach costs, types and outcomes
  • Top security concerns
  • The impact of cloud computing
  • Top security threats
  • The tools at respondents’ disposal
  • Security best practices
  • Compliance stature
  • Security spending
  • Certifications
  • External resources
TAGS: Data Privacy
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