It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

Since there were no known viruses for Windows CE it was inevitable that somebody, somewhere would create one and it happened this week. According to Bitdefender Labs a proof of concept virus, "WinCE4.Duts.A" become publicly known over the weekend. 

Viorel Canja, Head of BitDefender Labs, said "\[in the same fashion\] as the creators of Cabir (the virus for Symbian OS), the initiator of the Dust malware has not designed \[the virus\] to propagate on a massive scale, but rather to demonstrate that devices running Microsoft Windows CE can be infected by malicious code. The code was first sent to antivirus experts instead of being released in the wild."

When the virus runs on an affected Windows CE device it prompts the user with a message that asks, "Dear user, am I allowed to spread?" before it spreads to other files.

Funny. Well, sort of.

You can see
a screenshot of the virus at the Bitdefender Web site

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