ISS Releases Internet Risk Impact Summary for Q1 2003

Internet Security Systems (ISS) released its Internet Risk Impact Summary report for the first quarter of 2003. According to the report, the number of security incidents increased 84 percent, compared with the fourth quarter of 2002.

ISS also saw a 10-fold increase in the number of security incidents over the same time period, mainly due to a large number of new worms and hybrid threats. The report states that in the fourth quarter of 2002 about 100 such incidents occurred; in the first quarter of this year, about 752 have occurred. Of those incidents, 156 were classified as high risk, 341 were medium and 109 were low risks.

Chris Rouland, director of ISS' X-Force security research and knowledge services organization, said "The large increase in mass mailing, highly persistent worms, and security events indicates that this year will be challenging for security officers and administrators around the world. These levels are consistent with our forecasts that show a steady amount of malicious activity on the Internet throughout 2003."

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