ISS and PowerTech Team to Improve IBM iSeries Server Security

Internet Security Systems (ISS) and PowerTech Group have announced an alliance to improve security for IBM's iSeries servers. PowerTech President and CEO Bruce Leader said, "A majority of Fortune 1000 companies use IBM iSeries servers along with Windows NT and UNIX servers, creating extremely complex security challenges. Our customers are insisting that we simplify this complexity, and PowerTech and ISS are well-positioned to respond with intrusion protection solutions that address the iSeries environment, as well as the network and desktop."

ISS President and CEO Tom Noonan said that PowerTech's PowerLock iSeries line of security tools would pass security information over to the ISS RealSecure platform. The ISS SiteProtector 2.0 security management platform can correlate security information from numerous sources, including Windows and UNIX platforms, to provide a centralized view of the security in a cross-platform environment.

TAGS: Windows 8
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