IIS 5.0 Security Checklist; Win2K SP1 Released

Microsoft Releases IIS 5.0 Security Checklist
IIS administrators now have a checklist to secure IIS 5.0 servers running on Windows 2000. The new checklist is much shorter than its IIS 4.0 counterpart thanks to the Win2K security template, hisecweb.inf. This template resolves many items included in the IIS 4.0 checklist. You can download the checklist and the template from TechNet.

Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Released
According to the WinInfo Web site, Microsoft released the first Win2K service pack yesterday. This release is a major milestone for Win2K because some IT managers decided to wait for Service Pack 1 (SP1) before migrating to Win2K. Click here for more information about SP1.

TAGS: Security
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