HP Releases 2013 Cyber Risk Report, Mobile Leads in Failure

HP Releases 2013 Cyber Risk Report, Mobile Leads in Failure

HP, one of a few companies intent on proliferating Chrome OS on its laptops, has released an interesting report that suggests that iOS and Android apps are a plague on the mobile industry. 46 percent of the apps tested either completely failed to utilize encryption techniques, or were used inappropriately. A failure to use encryption leaves personal and sensitive data exposed for hackers to steal.

And, it goes further than that. Security issues that are already widely known aren't even addressed. Here's some significant stats from the report:

  • 56% of the applications tested exhibited weaknesses to revealing information about the application, its implementation or its users.
  • 74% of apps exhibit unnecessary permissions.
  • 80% of applications are vulnerable to misconfiguration vulnerabilities.
  • Hybrid development frameworks for mobile apps don’t address many well-known security issues.

In addition to the state of mobile, the report also states that Microsoft's Internet Explorer remains the leader in vulnerabilities submitted against a single product.

After a brief registration, you can download the report yourself here: HP Security Research Cyber Risk Report 2013

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