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How do I turn on InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer (IE) 8?

Q. Internet Explorer (IE) 8 includes a new privacy-protection feature called InPrivate Browsing that keeps IE from storing data about a user’s browsing session. When you use a shared computer (for example a kiosk or public PC) you can use InPrivate Browsing to prevent that other users that use the same computer see the URLs you previously visited on the web. How do I turn on InPrivate Browsing?

A. To open an InPrivate Browsing IE session, you can click the new Safety button from the IE 8 menu bar, and select InPrivate Browsing. Or you can open a new IE browsing tab, and then on the new tab page, click the Open an InPrivate Browsing window link. There's also a keyboard shortcut to start InPrivate Browsing: simply press Ctrl+Shift+P after you start IE.

When you start an InPrivate Browsing session, the InPrivate Browsing protection only applies to that particular IE browsing window. Other tabs that you open in the same window will also be protected by InPrivate Browsing. If you open a new browser window however, InPrivate Browsing protection will not apply anymore.

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