How do I set security on a printer?

A. A. There are various levels of security you can set on a printer.

No Access - User may not print to the device
Print - User may print to the device and pause,resume and delete their own jobs
Manage Documents - Enables the user to change the status of ANY print job submitted by any user. The user may not change the status of the printer
Full - Enables complete access and administrative control of the printer

By default all users have Print access (the Everyone group) and also the "CREATOR OWNER" name has "Manage Documents" access. Creator Owner is the user that printed the document which means users have the ability to delete their own entries on the print queue.

To change print permissions perform the following:

  1. Double click on "My Computer"
  2. Double click on Printers
  3. Right click the printer whose permissions you wish to change and select Properties
  4. Select the Security tab
  5. Click the Permissions tab
  6. You can now set permissions for users

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