Helios Lite - Rootkit Detector

Can you ever have enough rootkit detectors? MIEL-Labs just released Helios Lite - a scaled down version of their Helios product.

MIEL-Labs said that "It successfully detects a large number of user mode and kernel mode rootkits including Hacker Defender, Vanquish, Fu, FuTo, phide_ex and Unreal.A. It searches for hidden processes, hidden files as well as hidden registry keys."

Helios Lite is portable and can be run directly from a USB flash drive without needing to perform any kind of install of the product - hence the "Lite" suffix in the name. And unlike the regular Helios product, the Lite version doesn't require .NET Framework.

You can download a copy of Helios Lite at the company's Web site or a read little more about it here

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