GFi Offers LANguard Networks Scanner as Freeware

UK-based GFi now offers version 1.25 of its LANguard Network Scanner as freeware. In addition to looking from within a network's borders, LANguard Network Scanner can analyze a network's security from outside the network--looking in to gain a perspective similar to what an intruder might see.

LANguard Network Scanner audits a network to create an inventory of listening devices that the software can then inspect for adequate security. The product checks for listening services and for weak passwords, and tests the security of the registry and shares. LANguard Network Scanner supports SNMP-enabled devices and HTML-based reporting.

According to GFi representatives, the LANguard Network Scanner freeware offer includes only the current version without product support. Users must download a new copy of the scanner each time updates become available. However, no information is available as to whether users can get future updates as freeware also.

GFi hopes that by offering LANguard Network Scanner as freeware, the company will entice users to purchase other LANguard security-related products. LANguard products include content filtering and antivirus control for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server); a security event-log analyzer; and Mail essentials for Exchange/STMP for content checking and antivirus protection. GFi also offers other freeware security tools such as LANguard Port Scanner and LANguard File Integrity Checker. LANguard solutions are available for Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

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