FREAK Security Bug Fix for Mac OS X, iOS, and Apple TV Now Available

FREAK Security Bug Fix for Mac OS X, iOS, and Apple TV Now Available

A week ago, computing news was taken hostage by the latest reported security flaw. Called Factoring attack on RSA-Export Key, or FREAK, the vulnerability exists to make web sites less secure. The issue was first reported as a problem in iOS and Android devices, but we later found that the flaw exists in all Windows versions, too. The vulnerability has existed since the 1990's but only recently discovered as a major problem.

Microsoft is still working to supply fixes for its operating systems, Google is working to secure its Android OS, but Apple quietly delivered its update on Monday. News about the security fix was lost in a sea of noise coming from Apple's launch event where the company unveiled the Apple Watch.

The fix is available now for Mac OS X, iOS, and Apple TV.

For Mac OS X: About Security Update 2015-002

For iOS: About the security content of iOS 8.2

For Apple TV: About the security content of Apple TV 7.1

Mac OS X users will be installed automatically through the integrated notification system. However, both Apple TV and iOS need to will need to download and install the updates. Included in the update for iOS, iOS 8.2 also includes Apple Watch support.


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