Firewall - 09 Sep 2003

When it comes to protecting networks from unauthorized access, readers think Check Point Software Technologies' FireWall-1 is the best product for the job. FireWall-1 protects all network resources against attacks and unauthorized access at both the network and application level. One reader from Florida summed up the views of several readers by telling us, "Check Point configuration and management is straightforward, and it works well."

FireWall-1 provides a high level of security through access control, attack protection, content security authentication, and integrated Network Address Translation (NAT). FireWall-1's Check Point Security Management Architecture (SMART) lets administrators centrally deploy and manage one firewall policy for an unlimited number of gateways. FireWall-1 is highly scalable and supports a variety of platforms, Check Point products, and third-party applications.

Check Point Software Technologies
Redwood City, California
$19,000 for FireWall-1 Gateway Bundles; FireWall-1 modules vary according to the number of IP addresses
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