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FastLane Technologies Releases Windows NT WormKiller Virus Application

Yesterday, FastLane Technologies released an application to detect and disable the Worm.ExploreZip virus. The application, known as Windows NT WormKiller, is available as a free download from the FastLane Web site at The Windows NT WormKiller application scans Windows NT networks for the Worm.ExploreZip virus. If the software detects the virus, it renames the offending files and reboots the infected machines to disable the virus. Once the application disables the virus, users can begin to manually remove the virus with standard antivirus tools (for information about the virus and what to do after you run your antivirus software, see Kathy Ivens' news article, "ExploreZip Virus Worming its Way onto Networks Worldwide,"
( Windows NT WormKiller is centrally administered, enabling network administrators to quickly scan an entire network and halt the propagation of the virus. The application eliminates the requirement to manually check each machine for the virus. Windows NT WormKiller v1.3 requires TCP/IP be installed on the NT workstations and servers being scanned.

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