Enterprise Backup Software - 26 Jun 2000

Data that you store on enterprise networks represents money, and for most organizations, irrecoverable loss of such data would be a financial catastrophe. Thus, choosing the correct backup software is like picking the right vehicle to take your company's receipts to the bank: You want the armored car, not the Yugo. Unfortunately, differences between backup software applications are not as apparent as this analogy suggests. The five enterprise-level backup applications I tested—Computer Associates' (CA's) ARCserveIT Advanced Edition 6.61, Syncsort's Backup Express 2.1, VERITAS Software's NetBackup 3.2, Legato Systems' NetWorker 5.51, and Tivoli Systems' Storage Manager 3.7.1—can deliver network data to storage media. But differences appear in the applications' performance, ease of use, scalability, manageability, and cost.

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