EMET 5.1 Released, Contains Compatibility Fix for Internet Explorer 11

EMET 5.1 Released, Contains Compatibility Fix for Internet Explorer 11


The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) was released as version 5.0 just a couple months back, but an incremental update has been released today. 5.1 is now available for download from either the EMET web site, or from THIS download link.

Today's update comes with some improvements, but one major improvement is in how EMET 5.1 works with Microsoft's latest Internet browser, Internet Explorer 11. Talk about being proactive, though…in less than a day November's Updates will release, and included in the large expanse of updates releasing on Patch Tuesday, is a fix for IE11 that breaks compatibility with EMET 5.0. Additionally, other compatibility issues were found with Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Mozilla Firefox and EMET 5.1 also resolves those problems.

Due to the importance of EMET and Patch Tuesday so close, Microsoft is highly recommending that EMET 5.0 users update quickly in the event mitigation becomes required.

In addition to the compatibility fixes, EMET 5.1 also introduces a new "local telemetry" feature that saves mitigation triggers locally in a memory dump that can be parsed and reviewed.


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