Dot Net Factory Shapes Role-Based Access

Role-based entitlement management--that's the function that The Dot Net Factory says its EmpowerID 4.0 software suite performs. That sounds to me like role-based access control, perhaps a more-familiar term. Whatever you call it, The Dot Net Factory thinks EmpowerID 4.0 is a comprehensive and unique product for applying it throughout the enterprise.

Patrick Parker, Dot Net Factory CEO, says EmpowerID 4.0 gives you one console to manage who has access to what and for how long. The core product consists of Password Manager, Profile Manager, and Provisioning Manager for managing identities. Then you add modules to manage and enforce access to Microsoft SharePoint (newly announced), Windows file and print shares, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory (AD) and LDAP groups, and custom applications. Roles are based on users' job function and location in the organization as defined in your Active Directory (AD) and/or HR system.

EmpowerID 4.0 uses a Business Process Management (BPM) approach to let administrators visually model identities and roles with shapes, similar to the way they'd work in a Microsoft Office Visio environment. EmpowerID 4.0 is built on the Windows Workflow Foundation framework, which is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework.


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