Did KB2919355 Change Yesterday? Yes. Yes it did.

Did KB2919355 Change Yesterday? Yes. Yes it did.

All you astute WSUS administrator's may have noticed that the now infamous KB2919355 changed on your servers yesterday. For some, this could cause a bit of alarm considering KB2919355 is the Update 1 released by Microsoft with intention to upgrade Windows 8.1, but in a lot of cases produced installation turmoil instead.

Only a minimal number of Microsoft customers were actually affected, but it was the way Microsoft released, re-released, and then kept releasing it that confused a lot of people. Yes, there were issues, and all were verified and eventually fixed. In fact, the actual knowledge base article for KB2919355 is now up to revision 26. I'm sure that's not a record, but it definitely deserves some sort of recognition – possibly "KB Article of the Year" or "Article Most Likely to Be Updated."

So, yes, KB2919355 was updated during last night's WSUS sync, and you'll see that if you peer through the reports. According to KB894199 (Microsoft's ever-growing list of sync changes for 2014), only the detection logic changes. Here's what the sync list says about KB2919355:

  • Metadata has changed to update localization text and detection logic.
  • Binaries have not changed.
  • This update does not need to be reinstalled.

It is being reported that some machines, that were not receiving KB2919355 due to detected hardware and driver issues, are finally receiving the update now that the sync has happened and the detection logic has been altered.

Incidentally, the Sync changes article (KB894199) has been updated 67 times in 2014. Still not a record, I bet.

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