Create an update query

If you want to update only certain records in a database, first create a select query with the appropriate criteria and run that query to make sure that only the desired records are being selected.

  1. From a query design view, choose Query → Update Query.  That will convert the query type from a select query to an update query.  Since the purpose of the query is to perform an action, not display data, the Sort and Show cells disappear and are replaced by the Update To cell.
  2. Add the field you want updated to the QBE grid, if it is not already there.
  3. In the field’s Update To cell, enter the update value or expression.
    • For example, you might raise prices by 10%.  Add the \\[UnitPrice\\] field to the QBE grid and in its Update To cell, type the expression \\[UnitPrice\\]*1.10.
  4. When you are finished designing the update query, close it.  If you have any doubt about the accuracy of the query, it would be wise to back up the database.  Then run the query.  Access will let you know how many records you are going to update.
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