Cisco WebNS Management Software Allows Unauthenticated Access

Reported May 31, 2001, by Cisco Systems.


  • All Cisco CSS 11000 series (formerly known as Arrowpoint) switches running WebNS software versions earlier than 4.01B29s and 4.10B17s, including CSS 11050, CSS 11150, and CSS 11800 hardware platform switches

If users bookmark the URL that the Web management interface directs the users to after first authentication, users can access that URL anytime in the future without having to reauthenticate.



Cisco has issued an advisory regarding this vulnerability. Cisco recommends that users running the above-listed WebNS software versions upgrade to versions 4.01B29s or 4.10B17s, available through regular support channels. As a workaround, Cisco recommends either disabling the Web management interface on the switch or applying access control as specified in the following documents: and


Discovered by Cisco.

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