Changing Passwords in Untrusted Domains

My company has put a freeze on creating trusts in our Windows NT 4.0 environment, but users in our domain need access to files and applications in another domain. Setting up local accounts, passwords, shares, and permissions in the other domain wasn't a problem. However, users needed to be able to change their passwords in the untrusted domain.

After many hours of trial and error, I found what turned out to be a simple solution. (This method also works for changing passwords in trusted domains.) Log on to your local domain, and press Ctrl+Alt+Del. In the resulting window, click Change Password, and in the User name text box, input the account ID of the user's account in the untrusted domain (e.g., userID1). In the Domain text box, input the PDC's name (e.g., pdcmydomain). In the Old Password text box, enter the current password for the untrusted domain, then enter the new password in the New Password text box. Reenter the new password in the Confirm New Password text box, and click OK. For this solution to work, you must have DNS enabled.

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