Central Command Warns of a New Naked.A Worm

Central Command is warning users about a new worm, Naked.A, that spreads through Microsoft Outlook. The worm arrives as an email attachment disguised as a Macromedia Flash movie of a naked woman.

According to Central Command, the worm isn't actually Flash-based—it merely masquerades as a Flash video player as it deletes all files in the Windows system directory that have extensions of .exe, .com, .dll, .ini, .bmp, and .log. The message arrives with a subject of "Fw: Naked Lady" and a message body that reads "My wife never look like that ;-)". The worm spreads by sending a copy of itself to everyone listed in the user's Outlook Address Book.

On March 6, Central Command updated its AVX antivirus software to guard against Naked.A. Readers should contact the antivirus vendor of their choice to receive the latest antivirus updates.

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