Best Security Products - 09 Sep 2003

Antivirus/Client Side
Readers overwhelmingly chose Symantec's Norton AntiVirus as Best Antivirus/Client Side solution.

Antivirus/Server Side
In addition to winning the Readers' Choice award for Best Antivirus/Client Side product, Symantec also won the award for Best Antivirus/Server Side product with its Symantec AntiVirus solution.

Antivirus/Mail Server
For the Readers' Choice award for Best Antivirus/ Mail Server, readers gave the nod to Symantec Anti-Virus for SMTP Gateways, which garnered about 40 percent of the votes.

Encryption/Digital Signing Product
As businesses increasingly use the Internet for secure communications, digital signing and encryption technologies are becoming more important.

When it comes to protecting networks from unauthorized access, readers think Check Point Software Technologies' FireWall-1 is the best product for the job.

Password-Auditing Software
NetIQ's Security Manager won the Readers' Choice award for Best Password-Auditing Software.

Intrusion-Detection Software
Garnering its second win for the second year in the Best Security Products category, NetIQ's Security Manager was judged by readers as the best product for protecting networks against intruders.

Security Scanner
Symantec captured its fourth of five Readers' Choice awards in the category of Best Security Scanner.

Third-Party Authentication Device
For the second year in a row, RSA SecurID captured the award for Best Third-Party Authentication Device, easily defeating the category's other contenders with more than 40 percent of the votes.

Application Security Software
In the Best Application Security Software category, Symantec Client Security easily beat the competition, garnering Symantec its fifth Readers' Choice award this year.

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