Application Security Software - 09 Sep 2003

In the Best Application Security Software category, Symantec Client Security easily beat the competition, garnering Symantec its fifth Readers' Choice award this year. Symantec Client Security integrates antivirus, firewall, and intrusion-detection technologies to protect remote users and networked desktop clients against unauthorized network access and blended threats, such as Nimda, CodeRed, and SQL Slammer. Symantec Client Security automatically scans inbound and outbound traffic for viruses, suspicious content, unauthorized intrusions, and port scans. If the application detects a threat, the antivirus or intrusion-detection engine instructs the firewall to increase security measures and block the file or intrusion attempt. Because Symantec Client Security integrates multiple security technologies, organizations don't need to purchase separate security products from different vendors, which improves protection and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cupertino, California
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