Search for SharePoint Users

Search for SharePoint Users

“Search has always been the poor relation in IT. And it shouldn’t be,” Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud, said. SearchYourCloud offers SharePoint users a focus on secure search, federated search, and search in real time.

Delays in searching for data, especially for end users working with SharePoint, can cause user adoption issues—“Users are generally not using it fully because search isn’t that good,” Bain said. “They’re finding a lot of people using DropBox, instead.”

“In Europe, SharePoint is huge. I can walk into any large organization and they will have a SharePoint server. [In other places,] SharePoint is a misunderstood app that’s had a lot of bad press. It should have stopped Box and DropBox in their tracks.”

SearchYourCloud offers advanced search capabilities for Exchange and SharePoint accounts (and it also works for Google Drive and the aforementioned DropBox.) “We are completely different from search products. We can work on native indexes. We act as the conduit to help users find things in one place,” Bain said.

In the SharePoint world, users increasingly want access to documents on a mobile device. Besides the problem of cumbersome or inefficient search in SharePoint, the opposite issue--over-efficient search that returns too many results on a small mobile device—can stump end users.

SearchYourCloud enables users from a mobile device to find SharePoint documents. Importantly, SearchYourCloud takes into account a mobile device situation, and its proprietary algorithms return relevant results, suitably narrowed down.

Security is a big part of SearchYourCloud as well. It doesn’t store user email addresses or PINS, and no direct URLs are exposed for files or file contents, Bain said. Government-grade AES256-bit encryption is used, and encrypted data stays encrypted and inaccessible throughout the searching process. “We don’t add an extra security layer. We hook in using APIs and users’ permissions,” Bain said.

Healthcare organizations are a big part of the company’s client base, as is the legal industry. The SearchYourCloud technology can be used as a front-end access method for existing private or public cloud services, or as the backbone to deliver new services. To learn more, see the SearchYourCloud website.

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