Sanbolic Provides SQL Server HA in the Public Cloud

Sanbolic Provides SQL Server HA in the Public Cloud

As a follow-up meeting from this year’s TechEd 2012 I had a briefing with Memo Michailov, Co-Founder and CEO of Sanbolic to discuss Sanbolic’s AppCluster’s new support for public clouds. Sanbolic AppCluster is a Microsoft SQL Server specific module within its Melio clustered file system product. It extends the availability and scalability of SQL Server across physical, virtual and public cloud environments. Sanbolic’s AppCluster software previously supported on-premise SQL Server physical and virtual instances. The new release which became available on June 22nd adds support for SQL Server instances running on Amazon and Rackspace public clouds.

AppCluster works using Sanbolic’s Melio File System (FS). Melio FS is a symmetrical clustered file system designed for shared storage environments. Melio FS provides access to data on shared storage from multiple servers enabling high availability and horizontal scaling of applications.

AppCluster’s public cloud capability enables you to add high availability capabilities to SQL Server instances running on Amazon and Rackspace cloud IaaS infrastructures. This addresses the limitation of not being able to create Windows Server Failover clusters in those environments. Notably, Sanbolic’s high availability solution does not require the SQL Server Enterprise edition. It can provide unlimited node clusters and high availability for the SQL Server Standard edition as well as the other editions of SQL Server. To learn more about Sanbolic’s Melio FS and AppCluster check out http://www.sanbolic.com/meliofs.htm.

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