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RSSBus Releases ADO.NET Provider for Salesforce

RSSBus, a division of /n software and provider of integration tools and components for .NET/Visual Studio developers, has released Salesforce Data Provider for ADO.NET, a data provider that enables developers to easily connect and perform CRUDL operations on .NET applications to data.

The Salesforce Data Provider lets developers connect to Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and Accounts in, making these Salesforce services look like SQL Server tables in the application. Using the Salesforce Data Provider for ADO.NET, developers can simply DataBind to data, just as they do when using SQL Server.

Key features of the Salesforce Data Provider for ADO.NET include these:

  • Smart caching: A lightweight, efficient connectivity layer, coupled with "smart" caching technology, provides a responsive data access layer for applications, both on and offline.
  • API leveling: This feature provides a consistent experience when working with any applications, databases, and services through a standard ADO.NET interface.
  • Secure connectivity: The provider uses enterprise-class security features such as TLS/ SSL data encryption for all client-server communications.

The Salesforce Data Provider for ADO.NET is priced from $599. You can download an evaluation version here.

Using the Salesforce Data Provider for ADO.NET in an application

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