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Real Software Offers Real Studio 2011 Release 1

Real Software, a provider of cross-platform software development tools, announced the first 2011 release of its development tool, Real Studio. The new release contains 114 improvements and 35 new features, including greatly simplified web application deployment capabilities and new Microsoft SQL Server support for improved performance and easier deployment.

Among the new features in Real Studio 2011 Release 1 are these:

  • Easier deployment of web applications: The new CGI option outputs a Perl script that acts as a gateway between the web server and the web application.
  • New Microsoft SQL Server Support: A native SQL Server plug-in has been added for easier deployment and improved performance.
  • Improved web application exception handling: A new unhandled exception event in the session class makes it easier to trap exceptions that aren't handled in the code.
  • Improved web application JavaScript error handling: When an error occurs in the client-side JavaScript, a dialog is now presented that enables the user to send the error message to the web application.

Pricing for Real Studio begins at $99. To learn more and download a 30-day trial version of Real Studio, visit the Real Software website.

—Blair Greenwood, Editorial Intern, Penton Media IT & Developer Group

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