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Rare Bigfoot sighting, er ah, Office crash

You know, there are certain staples in the world of Microsoft bashing. The publicly-located informational flat-screen display showing a blue screen. The jokes about what it would be like if Microsoft made cars. You know, the usual.

But one thing you don’t see very often is Microsoft Office crashes. Well, maybe you do. I’m guessing someone will inevitably chime in with a complaint in this area, which is of course a third staple in the world of Microsoft bashing: Disagreeing with a readily provable fact. But anyhoo, I actually had Word crash on me today. And I have to tell you, that never happens. Never. And I use Word every single day. Obviously.

So which are you more unlikely to see? This:

Or this?

Actually, I can think of one exception the “Office never crashes” rule. If you install iTunes and use it to sync Outlook with an iPod or iPhone, Outlook crashes all the time, thanks to Apple’s buggy sync software.

I’m sure there’s a commercial in there somewhere.

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