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Questions for Keith Curtis?

I'm going to publish Part 2 of my ongoing interview with author and ex-Microsoftie Keith Curtis in just a bit (Part 1 is here) and I thought it might be interesting to get some reader questions to him for Part 3. If you're not familiar, Curtis recently self-published a book, After The Software Wars, which you can download in PDF format for free or purchase from Lulu or After The Software Wars is thought provoking, interesting and controversial for a number of reasons, the most obvious being his conviction that open source software will ultimately win out in the market. I recommend the book to everyone here, of course, but it occurred to me this morning that many here likely have questions they'd like to ask.

So... If we could keep the comments here relevant to my request, and the questions relevant to the book, that'd be great. Who's got a question?

Thanks! --Paul

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