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Project Plan

How to Implement IPv6 in Your Windows Server Environment

Although IPv4 is the foundation upon which the Internet is built, it’s mathematically running out of addresses. IPv6 is your inevitable future, a new protocol that will drastically increase the number of available addresses, as well as introduce new features to make the IPv6-enabled Internet more scalable. In this project plan, you’ll learn about the inherent problem of IPv4 web, learn how to begin your transition to IPv6, and start getting the most out of the new addressing scheme in the latest Windows Server releases.


IPv6 Overview
by William Sheldon

The Inevitability of IPv6, Part 1
by John Howie

The Inevitability of IPv6, Part 2
by John Howie

IPv6: No Sticks, Just Carrots
by Mark Minasi


Working with IPv6

Managing Your Migration and Transition from IPv4 to IPv6
by: John Howie

Supporting IPv6 in Your Windows Server 2008 Environment
by: John Howie

Hands-On IPv6 Lab Setup
by: Mel Beckman

IPv6 Support in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
by: John Howie