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Software for Management of Remote Workforce Hardware

The composition of enterprise workforces is becoming increasingly remote. That means organizations need software for management of those workers' remote devices.

Thanks to the rise of cloud computing and the embrace of BYOD, more enterprise positions are located far away from the IT departments that are expected to provision and support them. Whether someone is doing content creation, human resources, software development or even tech support the ability to perform these functions from a globally distributed workforce is a reality. That means enterprises must support these remote workers and their devices from afar, and that requires solid software for management of that hardware.

As ITPro Today reported in a recently published feature about making remote working work in the enterprise, implementing and supporting a remote workforce can often lead to significant cost savings. A company needs to support those workers and their devices efficiently. That is where software for management of those devices comes into play.

Here are 10 solutions that provide software for management of your remote workers. They range from those that have no associated cost because they are part of Microsoft Windows to options that require a subscription from a managed service provider (MSP) or the purchase of software that can be installed on local and remote devices.

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