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Finally, an all-emoji programming language

Finally, an all-emoji programming language

There are a lot of novelty programming languages out there. Emojicode might be the perfect one for coding on the go.

Move over, Swift: There's a new programming language hoping to woo developers with its speed, portability, and a slightly more colorful take on the for loop.

Emojicode, a new, already open-sourced programming language, basically offers what it promises on the tin: A way to program using emoji.

Some sample code:

Emojicode boasts that its Real Time Engine is several times faster than common virtual machines, and the parse is just 100 kilobytes. And since binaries run on the Real-Time Engine, they're naturally cross-platform out of the box.

We have a hard time seeing it replacing .NET anytime soon, but a fun concept to play around with nonetheless. What other novelty programming languages have you come across?

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